The visual identity of Tamspark highlights the Matterhorn, one of Europe’s best-known mountains, reflecting standout, reliability and Swiss quality. While the Matterhorn stands out from other mountains due to its rugged appearance, we at Tamspark want to differentiate ourselves from other operators through service and comprehensive expertise.
Before Tamspark Oy was founded, we had more than 25 years’ experience on machine tool business among many machines, from different brands and countries.
Tamspark Oy was established in 2007 and it is a privately owned independent company. We are a solution provider and machine supplier, from machining to 3D printing. We have wide range of machining solutions, wire EDM, die sinking machines, 3D printers and 3D scanners, from single machine to full automation systems and turnkey solutions.
We are a mid-sized company with small professional team of sales and service. We are a reliable partner and supplier of the machine, when the requirements are critical and looking for the best machine tool and know-how, either with an automation or without.
Main priority is to be high level sales company, but service and support is having high priority as well. For machines which we sell, we install, train customer operators, support customer if there are some problems, supply spare parts and consumables. All these actions are taken care of by our own personnel.
Our service team is well equipped. We have all needed geometrical inspection devices, including for example Renishaw laser equipment’s.
We are proud to have knowhow inside our company, which allows us to make most demanding solutions by our own. Good examples are automated solution which we have sold, installed and done customer training.
We are located in the city Akaa, which is near Tampere, Finland. Location is ideal for travelling around Finland, being on cross connection point of roads around major industry areas of Finland. We operate inside the whole Finland and also in Estonia.
At Tamspark, the customer service is the key, and we have invested in professional support of our own and service for our wide customer base.
We have our own premises, having office, demo show room and industry hall area. We have always some new machines for demonstration, and as well second-hand machines for refurnished and customer support.
Tamspark Oy is also heading positively towards the future with the work-oriented team.
Among others, 3D printing is in the big role of the future, and we are also operating strongly with German and Swiss manufacturers in additive manufacturing.
The customer benefits greatly when everything needed to be found under the same roof. We are the supplier from programming to the final product.
Tamspark Oy’s experience together with a respected manufacturers and suppliers of offering our customers’ our represented quality products, domestic professional support and services, now and in the future.
Welcome to get to know to us better and our operations in Finland and Estonia.
We are a Team with professional customer service, machine service and we will find together with the customer the best solutions they will need.
Regards from Team Tamspark



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Jokitie 3, 37800 Akaa
+358 20 728 0740

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